We’re carefully displaying your greatest accomplishments and treasures for a lifetime.

each medal represents a unique and special accomplishment so we use a process called

Medal Frameology

sounds a bit odd at first but following it sure does makes our clients happy

The Story

We love it when clients share the wonderful history or story that resulted in the medal.

The Location

Where the medal will be displayed helps us create a remarkable display to match it’s surroundings.

The Display

Not all frames are created equal so we educate our clients to assure their selection is perfect for their needs.

The Delivery

Liking the frame is not enough, we want you to love it. So that means we’re not happy until you are.

Hi there, let’s get introduced

i’m drew

For the last 17 years I’ve been helping athletes, collectors and general enthusiasts frame and display their most wonderful treasures. We believe each medal represents it’s own unique accomplishment, so we feel it is our duty to make sure the proper care and attention is delivered.

“Hi Drew! Got the frame – it is awesome! Thank you so much for making the process so easy for me. Now I know why Brian has so many frames!! He will receive this later in October for his birthday from the kids, I’m sure he’ll love it.”



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Not all frames are created equal, but here are some


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We’re ready to frame your medal…

are you ready?

Picking out the perfect frame for you medal can sometimes be a frustrating experience. For that reason we want to make the entire process from start to finish as pain-free as possible. That means at any time you can call, email or visit the shop and we’ll happily answer any questions you have. Our goal is make sure you’re as happy with the final product as we were when we made it.