Mississauga Marathon

Display your medal, race bib and memories from the

Mississauga marathon

you worked hard for this moment

display with pride

Whether you compete in the Mississauga Marathon professionally or just for fun the fact still remains… it’s a major accomplishment.  You have invested a great deal of time and effort preparing for this important event,  that means you also deserve a quality display frame so you can treasure this memory for a lifetime.

Choose your wood, mat and inscription all

Framed by Hand

Everyone has a unique taste and more importantly a unique space in which the frame will be displayed. So we realize the importance of providing a nice selection of options without overwhelming you. Ultimately if you have any questions feel free to give us a quick call, email or stop by the shop for coffee.

Top Seller

The most popular request from marathoners is the Deluxe Medal and Bib Frame. Built from solid black wood moulding and complete with double mat, removable backing, glass and hanging hardware. Plus, it’s designed to allow easy addition or removal of your medal.

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