We’re really passionate about medal framing, but we can display any of your

personal treasures

Often a client will call or stop by the shop and ask something like “Drew, have you ever framed this?”

Of course replace “this” with anything of your choosing.

But my reply is always the same… “Sure we can, I think by now we’ve literally put everything humanly possible in a frame or under glass”.

I know that’s a bold statement. So let me give you a quick tour, obviously the list is quite a bit bigger but I don’t want to bore you 😉

literally thousands of


At one point in time we knew how many jerseys we’d framed. By now it must be in the thousands and includes at least a dozen sports from football and soccer to hockey, rugby, cricket and baseball (plus everything in between). If you are a jersey collector or have one in the family, then we can certainly help display these amazing pieces of wearable art for a lifetime.

tennis, mma, wrestling and boxing


Boxing and wrestling memorabilia are another example of sports memories we display. Plus the overall resurgence in contact sport popularity (thanks in large part to UFC) means there are more meaningful collectibles out there then ever before and we’re ready to help you display them. Remember though, we also work with tennis, golf and many other types of non-contact sports.

stamps, tickets, comics, watches and


The feeling we get when we frame a medal is special, but right after that would be framing a client’s special collection. These can widely vary in size and scope depending on the collector (everything from stamps and watches to concert tickets and guitars). But the story behind the collection is always fascinating and makes our job so much more rewarding.

Are you ready?

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